Avignon the city of Popes

Back in January for a weekend I did a nice little weekend trip to Avignon. It’s a city that I’ve always wanted to visit! In fact I was glad I only spent a weekend there, it was a lot smaller than I expected but it was beautiful quand même. I visited the Pont D’Avignon, unfortunately I didn’t dance on it. The palais des papes was amazing with a lot of history but it was quite plain and empty. The medieval fortification was still there which was nice to see. The city is a great city but you only need a day there really and that’s it!

I’m currently on my way back to France from Switzerland, so some more pictures from that trip will be up soon!! I was back in lyon, I visited Annecy and then in Switzerland Geneva, Lausanne, Montreux and Chillon.  But before that I’ll post some snaps from Lille and Arras 😉 hope you enjoy it!!



Prague the fairytale town

Back in November I had the opportunity to spend two weeks in Prague and it blew me away! Everyone is so pretty 😍 the architecture is unreal! I preferred Polish cuisine but Czech beer is unbeatable and don’t forget the absinthe! Everything again was so cheap! I felt like I was spending a lot but actually I wasn’t in reality!

Prague was so pretty, it was like walking through a fairytale city. All the buildings were pristine and across the river on a hill lay Prague Castle. I loved walks through the cbd as well as the old city cause you get a feel like you’re back in the USSR.
Prague is a city I could really see myself moving to! It’s so cheap and life would be great there!! Maybe one day I will see Prague again soon 🙂

Throwback to Poland

I promised these photos a while ago and finally voilà! I was going through my blog and it’s been quite France dominate though I’ve visited another two amazing countries!! Poland and the Czech Republic. I had an absolute blast in Poland. I wish I could go back to those few days I spent in September with the greatest person on earth, my kazakh friend. Everyone in Poland is so lovely, everything is so clean and best of all everything is so cheap!!! Polish cuisine is under appreciated, and same with the culture.

Before ever going to Poland, I had no real appreciation for the country but now I just can’t wait to one day visit it again. It’s truly one of the best countries to visit in Europe. During my few days, I got to visit Warsaw, Gdańsk and Sopot in the Baltic Coast. Sopot was amazing, like the landscape there you’d never imagine existed in Poland.

I hope you like my pics and this weekend I plan to post my Prague pics (finally)
Stay tuned!

Paris Sous La Pluie

I have spent the majority of the last week in sick in Paris, but I was still able to grab some sweet snaps and i’m happy to show them to you here! I haven’t been posting in a while, I’ve been quite disconnected.

It was the first time I went out into Paris not to see sites, but more so just to take some photos. The lady on the bridge with an umbrella, I was stalking for a good 10 minutes to get the perfect photo! I also stumbled upon le Jardin d’Erevan (Yerevan Gardens). Yerevan is the Capital City of Armenia, where my ancestry is from, and it was really good to see a monument dedicated to the 1.5 million people lost during the Genocide, right there next to the Eiffel Tower. That was very special to me.

I am really happy with these pictures! I feel like each one has a secret or story to tell, and I hope you enjoy them!

Day spent in hyères

Sorry I haven’t posted any new pics recently, I had some issues with my laptop so I’ve lost a lot of my edit + my watermark. I don’t really have time to be making watermarks but here’s some photos I took this weekend a beach in the south of France, near a city called Hyères 🙂
I have to say I was particularly proud of these pictures. I hope you’re all well!








Paris sunset

I have spent the last week in Poland with no battery in my laptop, and i left my charger in France (smart me) so I wasn’t able to upload the photos I wanted to, that I promised! Poland was seriously amazing! I never thought I’d like this country but I absolutely loved everything about it! I was in Warsaw and Gdansk, plus Sopot.

..ANYWAY! the photos I am putting up now, without bragging I thought were simply stunning! and I am so happy to share them with you! I hope you’re all well

IMG_4100 IMG_4093

I will soon upload my pictures from Poland

Paris Paris

Hey everyone! I’ve spent the last week in the magical city of Paris! Though it may be my 7th time here, I spent the week with my parents and little brother and it was their first time visiting this amazing city! I always feel like a little child, walking down the street and trying to find the Eiffel Tower amongst the rooftops. Today is my parents last day here, so it is a sad farewell for them. I will see them back in Nice within 2 weeks! till then I will be in Poland for a week (Warsaw and Gdansk), that’ll be amazing!

I still have another post to make about Paris! I also have some other amazing pics to upload, seperately cause I love them so much! you can check out what i am talking about here on my instagram 😉

IMG_3999 IMG_3995 IMG_3904 IMG_3915 IMG_3971 IMG_3935 IMG_4104 IMG_4119

Les Pointus

Sorry I’ve been on hiatus for like a week! I haven’t been in Nice, and I left my camera here. I was in Toulon for strictly administrative purposes, and couldn’t get myself distracted. I found an apartment there, and reopened my bank account, so I am happy with what I was able to do there! Plus I made a new friend, which is always cool 🙂

Today in Nice, my friend decided to take me to the port as we’ve never actually gone before! I am really proud of the photos I was able to take here, and I am so excited to share them with you all! Here it’s September, but still quite warm! I hope it stays like this for at least another month!

IMG_3882IMG_3885 IMG_3886 IMG_3889 IMG_3892 IMG_3893 IMG_3872

Sunset and Panoramas of Nice

I spent the day with my friend from Nice checking out touristic areas. I wanted to get some nice, panoramic pictures of the city, as well as the sunset! I hope you are all well, and enjoy the pictures I have taken! Feel free to share your opinions as well!


IMG_3747 IMG_3745 IMG_3740 IMG_3738 IMG_3735 IMG_3864 IMG_3860 IMG_3855 IMG_3838 IMG_3793 IMG_3778 IMG_3773

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